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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022


Development of innovation in business operations

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The number of initiatives related to the digitization of organizations requires continuous monitoring of the innovation market, cooperation with fintechs and testing of solutions that are in the implementation phase. Bank Pekao’s Innovation Laboratory (hereinafter: Laboratory, LAB), established for these tasks, focuses on four areas:

  • designing innovations,
  • partnership in innovation,
  • building an innovation culture,
  • research and development.

The Innovation Lab also plays a key role in the manufacturing process of new features planned for implementation as part of the Bank’s mobile application development strategy – PeoPay 3.0. In addition, the Innovation Lab will also cover the Business Banking Division and the Corporate Banking Division.

The community of banking innovators centered around the internal crowdsourcing platform IdeaCrowd grew in activity and size in 2022. On the Intranet platform implemented by the Innovation Lab, a total of 5,520 ideas and submissions have been collected since May 2021, including those developing projects and supporting innovative initiatives. In 2022, employees took part in 10 challenges with 1,836 ideas. The IdeaCrowd community grew by 965 employees – thus the ranking of active innovators was 3,863 people from various units of the Bank. Commitment can be seen among both the employees of the sales network and support units.

The process of implementing trends in the organization also continued. Within its framework, ideas and solutions are inspired by trends and based on thinking about how the future of banking will evolve. The Innovation Lab has a team that studies trends and signals of change. Trends, signals of change and inspiration are used in the processes of generating solutions as well as diagnosing and identifying challenges facing the Bank in specific business areas. The goal of the project is to build competitive advantages in areas that are not obvious in the financial sector, such as by creating new business models or customer segments, including in the ESG sector.

ideas and submissions
challenges employees took part in with
employees’ ideas in 2022

In 2022, the LAB launched tests of 15 startups in the Bank, including Sharebee, Alphamoon, nuDelta, and GetPin. The Lab collaborated with two accelerators: Space3ac and MIT EF CEE as part of the Poland Prize program, organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. An important activity for the LAB was to support Ukrainian startups in starting their expansion on the Polish market. A decision was made to pilot five projects from that region.

Additionally, in 2022, the Innovation Lab:

  • implemented a system for managing startup submissions – SRM (Startup Relationship Manager),
  • after accelerating and piloting Sharebee (a platform that engages company employees as brand ambassadors to increase sales), decided to commercially implement the solution,
  • as a result of piloting startup Getpin (a platform that collects customer experience data in a single tool), increased traffic to the Bank’s website,
  • as a result of the implementation of an ESG study and scouting commissioned by the Bank’s ESG Council, decided to implement pilots with two technology companies offering carbon footprint measurement technology,
  • significantly increased the Bank’s presence and visibility in the startup ecosystem, participating in key industry events and publishing press materials in the media,
  • established a community of innovators in the Bank (business owners) and held regular meetings of Innovation Champions to share knowledge and experience in working with startups and implementing new technologies.
BANK PEKAO 2021 2022
Financial outlays for innovation projects at Bank Pekao [PLN million 2,231 2,352
Digitization index (%) 57 69

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