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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022


Employee Volunteer Work Program

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The idea of helping those in need, involvement in numerous charitable, educational, sports or health-oriented campaigns has become a permanent part of Bank Pekao’s organizational culture. A comprehensive employee volunteer program is implemented in accordance with the Bank’s Strategy 2021-2024, where volunteer activities are in line with the 4th pillar of the Bank’s Strategy: “Responsibility”, including primarily the area of “Society”, and in accordance with the ESG Strategy, based on the goals indicated in the 2nd pillar of the ESG Strategy “Commitment”

(number of hours)
Systematic increase in volunteer hours worked. 4,400 6,531 8,432 >5,500

Participation of Bank Pekao employees in volunteering is governed by the Rules for Participation of Bank Pekao S.A. Employees in the Employee Volunteer Program. An employee of any unit (facility) of the Bank throughout the country, regardless of location and size, can participate in employee volunteer program. He/she has 16 hours available per year. The Office of Volunteer Services and Corporate Culture is responsible for managing volunteer activities at the central level. In each action, a volunteer action leader is appointed – responsible for the course and implementation of a particular action. Each volunteer action is documented – volunteer action leaders are required to provide the Bank with a factual report including, among other things, photos, video footage of the course and information on the number of members of the volunteer action team, the number of beneficiaries of the action, the number of hours spent by the team on the volunteer project. The Bank’s intranet features a “Volunteering” portal with information on relief actions and a calendar of actions. Volunteer leaders attend meetings to prepare for the role. They share their experience in an internal publication titled “Volunteer Aces” and in brochures summarizing volunteering for the year. Volunteer actions were promoted consecutively at all Bank locations in 2022 and were popular with employees.

Volunteer activities in 2022 were aimed at education, relief, equalizing opportunities and preventing exclusion. In response to the emergency situation caused by the outbreak of war in Ukraine, employees engaged in nationwide and local crisis volunteering for refugees. An important element of the program were educational activities aimed at children, teenagers and seniors. The main forms of volunteering organized at the Bank are: volunteering with community partners, the “We are Close” grant competition and donation collections. Members of the Bank’s Management Board are also involved in volunteer actions. Information on key initiatives and profiles of volunteer leaders are presented in volunteer brochures available at the Bank’s official website.

Bank Pekao is eager to engage in partnerships in volunteer actions. The opportunity to learn about the knowledge and experience of experts from foundations, associations or NGOs is an additional motivation for volunteer workers, while at the same time guaranteeing the comprehensiveness, timeliness and relevance of the program to be implemented. In 2022, the Bank’s volunteer partners included the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Center – Department of the National Foundation for Environmental Protection, the Apiterra Foundation, the Warsaw Institute of Banking Foundation, the Polish Red Cross, the SOS Children Villages Association, and the Polish Animal Welfare Society.

To express gratitude for the care and attention that volunteers give to those in need, an event was held to mark the International Volunteer Day. The community of volunteer leaders from across the country integrated during a day full of activities. A tour of Warsaw in the footsteps of volunteering, workshops on photography or beekeeping were activities prepared for the volunteers, who on this special day were able to get to know one another better and share the experience gained during the relief effort. The volunteers were thanked by representatives of the Bank’s Management Board.

BANK PEKAO 2020 2021 2022
Number of volunteer partner organizations 5 6 6
Number of employees involved in volunteer initiatives 826 1,170 1,230

In response to the emergency situation of Ukraine and its citizens seeking safe haven in our country, the Bank enabled its employees to participate in nationwide and local volunteer work for Ukrainian refugees. In the first instance, assistance was provided to those who fled Ukraine, providing financial, material and non-material assistance (help with child and dependents’ care, assistance with job search, assistance with finding a place to live). Donation collections were organized, and employees helped at reception points. With support from the Bank Pekao S.A. Foundation (“We are close” grant competition) in Olkusz, volunteers organized a celebration of Ukrainian Mother’s Day, in Puszczykowo they equipped Ukrainian children with school kits and in Koszalin they organized a concert integrating refugees and the local community. 477 employees were involved in helping Ukraine, using 3,456 volunteer hours for this purpose.

Video report from the finale of the bank-wide donation collection:

One of the forms of employee volunteering is the “We are close” competition, targeted at employees working for the benefit of local communities in their area, recognizing their needs. A distinguishing feature of this form of employee involvement in social activity is the variety of volunteer areas and ideas for helping. Direct beneficiaries of the competition are members of recipient organizations, wards of care and educational institutions, participants in workshops and thematic classes, patients in medical institutions, members of sports clubs, music centers, animals in shelters. In 2022, local support efforts were implemented in 65 localities. The beneficiaries of volunteering were 11,981 people, including: children and young people (1,125), people with disabilities (1,056), refugees from Ukraine (3,238), and people involved in sports (1,132). Measures in the area of health and life protection targeted 4,720 recipients.

In addition to the “We are close” grant competition, Bank Pekao has successfully engaged in numerous actions based on the idea of employee volunteering. An example is the long-running action of voluntary blood donation with the participation of employees. In 2022, 7 blood donation events were organized at the Bank’s facilities, with adequate preparation of the venue to accommodate non-employee blood donors. The events took place in Katowice, Opole, Elbląg and Warsaw. It was possible to collect 77 liters of blood from 175 blood donors.

Volunteers from the Bank conducted classes for schoolchildren as part of the BAKCYL financial education program. A pilot project for younger children “ABC of Economics”, implemented in cooperation with the Czepczyński Family Foundation, was launched. Volunteers also participated in the jury of a nationwide competition for high school students running businesses – Youth Mini-enterprise Produkcik.

The Bank is also committed to activating the elderly – they are the main partner of the SeniorON program which started in 2018. The goal of the program is to activate the elderly affiliated with PCK clubs. In 2022, 882 seniors participated in the program. Volunteers conducted activities titled “Safe Seniors in a Digital World” on using electronic banking, online shopping and the Trusted Profile. The meeting began with an anti-fraud lecture by representatives of the City Police Department. A partner in the initiative was the SeniorAPP Foundation, whose experts conducted a workshop under the theme “Get fond of your phone”. The classes were attended by 180 seniors from Kraśnik, Sandomierz and Radzyń Podlaski.

As the main patron of the “EduActive” educational program, implemented by the Warsaw Institute of Banking Foundation, the Bank became involved in a project aimed at expanding the financial knowledge of young people. The goal of the initiative was to equip children and teachers with inspiring materials – based on the ideas in Janusz Korczak’s book “Bankruptcy of Little Jack”. Its author introduced children to basic commercial and economic concepts and showed them what skills and qualities are needed in entrepreneurial activity. The project was inaugurated with an online lesson “Where does money come from and why is it worth saving?” on October 13, 2022, with the participation of Leszek Skiba – President of the Bank’s Management Board, Waldemar Zbytek – President of the Warsaw Institute of Banking – and the Director of Macroregion South at Bank Pekao S.A. Attendance was 5,400 students and teachers from all over Poland.

There is also an entire section on the Bank’s website with interestingly designed and age-appropriate materials to introduce children to the world of finance. There are downloadable videos, coloring pages, games and activities, as well as materials for parents on how to encourage their child to save money, teach entrepreneurship and resourcefulness*.

For those planning to take out a loan, a “Credit Guide” has been prepared on the Bank’s website, which explains step-by-step the procedures involved in obtaining and holding a mortgage loan**.


The Bank has launched an environmental education project for employees EKOlogia na bank (ECOlogy at the bank). Cyclical publications prepared by experts of the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Center – Department of the National Environmental Foundation addressed issues of responsible consumption. Educational events on the topic of biodiversity and beekeeping were organized in conjunction with the Apiterra Foundation. Thanks to the support of the Bank Foundation, two eco-days were organized with the participation of volunteers, in Zator and in the Poleski National Park. During the rallies, Bank volunteers installed birdhouses and provided care and protection for mud turtles.

Children’s aid campaigns are one of the most popular forms of volunteering chosen by employees. Renovations in care facilities, organization of cultural events or promotion of sports among young people are examples of local volunteer initiatives. In 2022, two campaigns were organized to prepare gifts for children under the care of the SOS Children’s Villages Association. In this way, volunteers joined in Children’s Day and Operation Santa Claus.

A video report on the “Children’s Day” event at the SOS Village in Biłgoraj:

The Bank has taken patronage of the nationwide charity collection of 1, 2 and 5 penny coins titled “Gold Rush” conducted by the Polish Red Cross. Professional coin counters cooperating with the Bank helped count the coins, and the Bank Foundation made a donation to purchase additional coin counters.

Volunteers from the Bank joined the campaign to help Polish veterans – former Home Army soldiers, insurgents and political prisoners of the Stalinist period. Packages with Christmas products for nearly 500 veterans from Mazovia were being prepared. The gifts were prepared by Bank volunteers, students from Elementary School No. 2 in Karczew, local shooting teams and volunteers from the Oder – Niemen Association and the Don’t Forget About Us Foundation. The purchase of the products was financed by the Bank Pekao S.A. Foundation, among others.

Volunteers also helped man’s four-legged friends, animals under the care of shelters and animal havens. They participated in cleaning and caring for animals at facilities of the Company for the Care of Animals in Poland in Bydgoszcz, Wrocław and Zabrze. The donation from the Bank Foundation supported a campaign to help animals evacuated from areas of Ukraine, which was run by the TOZ shelter in Celestynów, near Warsaw.

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