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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022


Medical care and health-promoting activities

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Bank Pekao offers all Bank employees medical care provided since April 2020 by PZU Zdrowie. Bank employees may take advantage of the package of basic medical services with the possibility of extending them. The wide range of medical services negotiated by Bank Pekao S.A. may also be used by family members indicated by the employee, i.e. children, children over 26 years of age, spouses, partners, parents, parents-in-law, and senior citizens. The medical care offer is also addressed to retirees and pensioners of Bank Pekao S.A. as part of a specially negotiated package. As part of medical care, the insurer covers the costs or provides discounts for medical consultations, outpatient procedures, prescription visits, laboratory diagnostics, pregnancy management, immunizations, home visits, imaging, endoscopic and functional tests, rehabilitation and dentistry. Taking into account the expectations of employees and market benchmarks, changes have been implemented as of November 1, 2022, which affect the satisfaction associated with the use of medical care services. This includes a preventive package available to all employees, as part of occupational medicine – consultations for selected specialties: ophthalmologist, orthopedist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and a package of laboratory tests.

Moreover, the Bank, in cooperation with a medical services company, organizes additional initiatives that are part of its efforts to improve the health of its employees. Among the most important activities are flu vaccinations or additional preventive examinations. The Bank also conducts, through internal channels (Intranet), educational programs that support employees in developing health-oriented habits.

The average monthly number of packages held by Bank employees and their family members was 14,445, and the average monthly number of packages financed or co-financed by the Bank was 10,338. Pekao Group companies also provide medical care for their employees.

The Bank also continued its prevention of the COVID-19 virus threat in 2022.

For another consecutive year, the “Take Health by the Horns” program motivating employees to be physically active, eat right, undertake stress management and preventive care continued. The desire to move outdoors and act for the benefit of others was combined into one by the next edition of the “MiLOVE running with Bison” campaign – in 2022, two such events were implemented, i.e. one dedicated to running/walking carried out in the summer, while in the autumn encouragement of activities such as cycling was also included. Both events were very popular. During these campaigns, the “virtual” miles collected by employees during walks, runs, or bike rides were used for a good cause. Thanks to the involvement of nearly 700 people and the more than 86,000 miles they covered, the Bank Pekao Foundation provided financial support to six young scholarship recipients of the Run into the Future Program.

In terms of healthy eating, four programs were implemented. The first provided knowledge on the fundamentals of healthy eating and encouraged people to take up the challenge and implement specific changes in their diets. Subsequent programs addressed the most common diseases of civilization and talked about how to support the fight against conditions such as obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance and diabetes by modifying one’s diet. Each program included several webinars with a nutritionist, supplementary materials: tips, recipes and culinary trivia. In mental health issues, meanwhile, realized programs based on strengthening the pillars of psychological capital (according to Martin Seligman). Meetings with experts addressed the topic of resilience, building real optimism, and there was also a program based on mindfulness enriched with breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as prevention of depression and professional burnout.

The aforementioned activities were complemented by a wide-ranging preventive campaign conducted with PZU Zdrowie doctors, among others. Its goal was to make employees aware of the possible first signs of various medical conditions and to encourage further diagnostics if identified. Preventive activities also included meetings with an oncologist and an ophthalmologist, as well as assistance in quitting the smoking habit. Due to the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and the associated period of heightened feelings of insecurity about the geopolitical situation beyond our country’s borders, the Bank has made available the opportunity for anonymous, one-on-one conversations with a psychologist. There were also webinars treating how to deal with difficult emotions, as well as meetings on how to help wisely – without compromising one’s own health.

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