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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022


Organizational changes

In 2022, we introduced a number of organizational changes in the Bank’s Head Office as well as in the Bank’s regional structure.

In structure of organizational units supervised directly by the President of the Management Board, activities carried out by Strategic Projects Office were incorporated into Legal Department and name of Communication Office was changed to Communication Department. The Shareholders Cooperation Office was established, responsible for the overall cooperation with the parent company and its ongoing coordination.

The structure of Analytics and Digital Transformation Center was extended, to which were transferred activities of the Group Development and Capital Transactions Department (currently carried out in Capital Investments Office), and the activities of Data Management and Big Data Office transferred from Financial Division. The Center also started to centralize the Know Your Customer process – as part of the Customer Verification Office (AML COE), which will finally support all segments of the Bank’s customers.

In Strategy Division, the Quality Department was transformed into Quality Management Department responsible among others, for the methodology and research of customer satisfaction and loyalty, agreeing and monitoring progress in improvements, monitoring market trends. Activities of existing Quality Department in the area of e.g. management of the complaint handling process, the Customer Ombudsman or providing support for employees servicing customers, sales and service processes was transferred to Corporate Services and Operations Center, in particular to new Complaints Management Department located within the Center’s structure. Moreover, in the Strategy Division, the name of the Data Protection Inspector’s Office was changed to the Data Protection Inspector’s Department.

In Technology and Operations Division, the name of Operations Center was changed to Corporate Services and Operations Center and a new organizational structure of IT Center was implemented.

A new structure of retail banking sales network was implemented. Five new Retail Banking Macroregions were implemented in place of previous eight and a new territorial distribution was created for them.

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