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Report 2022

About Bank

Communication with stakeholders

GRI[ ]
  • 2-29

Bank Pekao conducts active, transparent and effective communication with all stakeholders of the Bank, taking into account their needs and providing them with equal access to information using various communication tools. The main groups of stakeholders include:

  • Investors, market analysts and rating agencies
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • General public
  • Media
  • Supervisory institutions; including the Financial Supervision Committee, the Bank Guarantee Fund, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the National Bank of Poland, the Financial Stability Committee, the National Securities Depository.

These stakeholder groups are particularly important due to the business model, implementation of the strategy and further development of the Bank.

The principles set out in the Bank’s information policy regarding contacts with investors, securities market analysts, media and customers are regulated by the Bank’s information policy, which is available on the website*


Investors (shareholders, bondholders, and purchasers of other securities issued by the Bank, market analysts and rating agencies) General Meeting of Shareholders At least once a year
  • Implementation of strategies, building of value, organizational changes
  • Macroeconomic and market forecasts
  • Distribution of profits to shareholders
Transparent operation, easy and fast access to information about the Bank, enforcement of external regulations and market standards.
Conferences A dozen or so times a year
Meetings and teleconferences Several hundred per year
Stock exchange and press releases On an on-going basis
Financial statements, data compilations and presentations of results Quarterly
Bank’s website and online information channels On an on-going basis
Meetings with rating agencies At least once a year
Permanent cooperation of the Investor Relations and ESG Strategy Department (institutional and individual investors, financial analysts and capital market organizations); On an on-going basis
Online ESG Report On an on-going basis
Branches, online and mobile banking On an on-going basis
Customers Bank’s website and online information channels On an on-going basis
  • High quality of offered products and services,
  • Fair consumer practices
  • Security of entrusted funds
  • Ease of communication with the Bank
  • Offering competitive, high-quality products and services tailored to the needs of Customers; applying procedures that ensure fair and safe management of Customers’ funds; ensuring a number of access channels; creating transparent
  • terms and conditions of offers and agreements; collecting information on expectations and opinions of
  • customers; contributing to the development of good practices and standards for advertising financial services and complying with them.
Online and mobile banking platform On an on-going basis
Infoline On an on-going basis
Complaints On an on-going basis
Satisfaction surveys on products and services and quality of customer service On an on-going basis
Advertising campaigns and marketing activities On an on-going basis
Product offers, mailing On an on-going basis
Participation in fairs Where possible
Internal communication On an on-going basis
Employees Intranet, chats, discussion forum On an on-going basis
  • Employment stability and opportunities for professional growth
  • Attractive remuneration system
  • Bank’s strategy and its key goals
  • Transparent organizational structure
  • Balance between professional and private life
Listening to employees’ opinions (chats, satisfaction surveys), providing employees with opportunities for growth (promotions, training), clear, measurable targets subject to monitoring, adequate wage and benefits policy, meetings with employees and on-going communication with employees, ensuring a friendly workplace: including through the implementation of remote work opportunities and pro-health and preventive measures.
Meetings with the participation of the Management Board Several times a year
Trips to attend competitions, olympiads At least once a year
Employee volunteer work program On an on-going basis
Webinars On an on-going basis
Employee evaluation At least once a year
Internal publications On an on-going basis
Thematic questionnaires, evaluation questionnaires, employee opinion surveys Several times a year
Whistleblowing system On an on-going basis
Meetings with employer representatives, negotiations, consultations At least a dozen times or so a year
Trade union organizations Intranet site On an on-going basis
  • Provisions of CA
  • Employee matters
Dialogue with trade unions operating at the Bank, based on respect for fair interests of the parties.
Meetings with suppliers, negotiations On an on-going basis Detailed information on the social partners can be found on the individual intranet pages.


Providing the social side with opportunities to communicate with employees.
Suppliers Special procurement platform, telephone number, e-mail On an on-going basis
  • Transparent rules for the selection of and cooperation with suppliers
Transparent supplier selection procedures; timely performance of the provisions laid down in the contract, promotion of good procurement practices.
On-going cooperation and execution of contracts On an on-going basis
Charity and sponsoring activities, actions on climate On an on-going basis
Social and natural environment Employee volunteer work program On an on-going basis
  • Social and environmental projects
  • Reduction of negative impact on the environment, environmental education of Customers and Employees
Implementing sponsorship and charity projects; supporting community development; encouraging employees to participate in social and environmental
Meetings with students, student internships  At least once a year
Press conferences A dozen or so times a year
Media Press releases On an on-going basis
  • Implementation and promotion of the bank’s strategy
  • Release of accurate information on measures / condition of the bank to all groups of stakeholders through media
  • Building the position of a leader / expert in the financial sector
Transparent operation, easy and fast access to information about the Bank.
Social media On an on-going basis
Interviews, expert statements On an on-going basis
Participation in economic conferences, etc. Several dozen times a year
Permanent cooperation of the Communications Office (journalists, media) On an on-going basis
Reports, correspondence, inspections, non-reporting studies On an on-going basis
  • Compliance with requirements and regulations;
  • Supporting the creation of new market principles, including good practices.
Compliance with requirements, regulations and good practices, ongoing cooperation with the Regulators.

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