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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022


Mission, values and corporate culture

Bank Pekao, in adopting its Business Strategy for 2021-2024, has reformulated its mission statement, which reads “A simple and secure world of banking.” The Bank thus wants to set standards in the market, while being a responsible partner in the daily lives of millions of Poles. It understands its activities as positively influencing the development of the economy, building strong relationships with entrepreneurs and providing security for customers. The Bank’s vision, encapsulated in the slogan “Let’s be the best together”, is the aspiration to be a leader on the Polish banking market, i.e. the fastest growing, modern bank with an offer that goes beyond traditional services. Bank Pekao wants to strengthen the power of domestic brands, as well as be an inspiring place to work.

Bank Pekao’s organizational culture is a more than 90-year tradition of forming strong relationships among employees, employees with customers, and the Bank with local communities. The Bank is seen in the market as a responsible partner and a reliable financial institution. The Bank’s organizational culture is shaped by values defined by the words #straightforward, #together, #boldly and #responsibly, which set the standards of conduct for the Bank’s employees while building commitment around common goals in daily operations.

In 2022, initiatives have been implemented to better understand values and promote a work style based on the values adopted – so that they become the prevailing standard. An e-learning training course “Our Values” was made available to employees, with the aim of introducing defined values in practical terms, using examples of situations that may occur during the performance of daily duties.

The values have also become an integral part of the Pekao Group Code of Conduct and are included in the Customer Service Standards. There was also another edition of the “Stars of Cooperation” competition to promote open-minded attitudes toward cooperation, and another “Let’s Do It Easily Together” workshop on simplifying business processes was held. In addition, employees had the opportunity to co-create the banking edition of “INNaczej” magazine, whose theme was values in innovation.

The Bank aims to set a framework for a corporate culture that focuses on interpersonal relationships, understanding and fosters engagement. For this reason, in 2022, under the idea of “Together we create an engaging culture”, the Bank launched a strategic initiative to find out what employees think about their work environment and monitor their level of engagement.

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