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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022


Recruitment, internship and apprenticeship programs

Bank Pekao, as a reliable and responsible employer, treats all issues connected with both internal and external recruitment of employees in a comprehensive way and provides support in the systematic development of persons employed by the Bank.

The recruitment policy in the Pekao Group is aimed at acquiring the best external candidates, while promoting internal talents. Thanks to this, the Pekao Group employs people with various professional experiences and competences. The Bank conducts activities encouraging employees to participate in internal recruitment (throughout the Pekao Group) as part of professional development in other business areas.

The basic regulation in this regard is the Procedure for External and Internal Recruitment. The regulation guarantees optimal and uniform selection of persons to perform tasks in accordance with the HR policy and the Bank’s business plans and strategy. The procedure provides for recruitment for positions covered by the Collective Agreement and the MBO system from level N-3, inclusive. Recruitment for positions above the N-3 level is carried out in accordance with separate procedures, including, in particular, the Policy of selection of candidates for the function of a member of the Management Board and Key Function Holders and Assessment of the suitability of the proposed and appointed members of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and Key Function Holders at Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna.

The recruitment is always focused on the identification and verification of the best candidate that meets the job requirements and those defined in the recruitment demand, has a relevant approach and key skills from the point of view of the organization in accordance with the Bank’s Competence Model.

One of the annual goals of the Bank is to attract a specific number of graduates from the best universities in Poland and abroad and offer them professional development opportunities within the organization: in branches or units of the Bank’s Head Office. With this in mind, the Bank targeted three internship/trainee programs for university students and graduates in 2022. In 2022, another edition of the Summer Internship Program “Bison Academy” was held. In two months, 45 people participated in the program. Students had the opportunity to learn about the specifics of work in various business areas, such as corporate and SME banking, retail banking, risk management, IT, operations and services, finance. Each participant in the internship program was assigned a mentor, who oversaw the course of the cooperation and kept track of the assigned person’s progress. The trainees had clearly outlined tasks in the teams they joined and a real impact on the course of ongoing projects. Cooperation with the Bank was based on a fixed-term employment contract.

In 2022, the Bank launched the Corporate Banking Champions internship, which hired 12 people (fifth-year students and graduates) who were given a first-hand look at working in the Corporate Banking Division for four months. Each of the interns had specific tasks or projects to complete, which they performed under the supervision of a mentor. Cooperation with the Bank was based on a fixed-term employment contract. The IT Banking Champions internship, on the other hand, was aimed at students intending to develop in the IT field, in the positions of programmer, tester, analyst or administrator. Each intern was involved in a specific project, which was carried out with the support of a mentor. The interns were employed based on a fixed-term employment contract.

Bank Pekao’s already proven dimension of interaction with job candidates was recruitment as part of the Jobicon Job Festival. This is a place to meet candidates in a safe virtual reality and a customized development environment for young people, created at the intersection of knowledge, technology and entertainment. Jobicon Online provided a space for engaging meetings with thousands of candidates. During the events, the following took place:

  • live interactive and personal meetings with online candidates – meetings in private rooms to which participants signed up beforehand,
  • group sessions,
  • webinars for wider audiences.

The Bank participated twice in the event in 2022. Through Jobicon’s practice, the most desirable job candidates from all over Poland were successfully and quickly acquired, deep and long-term relationships with candidates were established and built. The internship made it possible to share knowledge and experience with young people entering the labor market.

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