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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022

Climate and environment

Climate risks and opportunities

Bank Pekao has identified climate risk as part of its identification of environmental, social and corporate governance risks (ESG risk). In 2022, for the first time, the Bank analyzed its financing portfolio to identify exposures exposed to physical risk. The analysis considered climate-related risks by chronic (drought) and acute (flood, heat waves, landslides) risks and used ThinkHazard database data*. Disclosure in this regard is available in the Bank Pekao S.A. Group’s Capital Adequacy Information as of December 31, 2022. In terms of transformational risks, the Bank has identified sectors that are particularly vulnerable to the transition to a low-carbon economy.



In 2022, the Bank also introduced a climate stress testing methodology for market risk and reports on a monthly basis the change in the result in the Bank’s portion of the book to the Asset Liability and Market Risk Committee (ALCO). The analysis scenario assumes a change in credit spreads for individual sectors of debt issuers as a result of the materialization of climate risk (physical and transition risk).

In addition to the risks, the Bank conducted an analysis of business opportunities related to climate change in 2022, determining the potential of the lending market for green and transformational projects in the run up to 2030 in Poland. In order to determine the potential, the costs of the energy transition in Poland were estimated by energy-intensive industry, power generation and households, as well as the amount of potential public funding (including revenue from the European Emissions Trading System, ETS).

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