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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022

Bank in 2022

Bank’s position in ESG ratings and indices

The Bank’s involvement in ESG activities is assessed by the market in international rankings and indices. The Bank’s priority is to increase its position in the environmental, social and corporate governance statements as a result of systematically undertaking and disclosing ESG activities.

RATING 2020 2021 2022 Contextual information
MSCI ESG Ratings A A BBB MSCI ESG measures the resilience of companies to long-term risks in terms of environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.
FTSE4Good Russell 3.1 3.1 3.3 FTSE Russell ESG assesses approximately 4,100 companies in 47 developed and developing countries. The purpose of the FTSE assessment is to facilitate investment in companies that meet internationally recognized corporate liability standards and is the basis for the inclusion of the company in the FTSE4Good index. FTSE4Good index companies have met strict environmental, social and corporate governance criteria and are able to exploit the benefits of responsible business practices.
WIG-ESG Share of shares in the index: 4.8% Share of shares in the index: 5.6% Share of shares in the index: 5.9% The WIG-ESG index has been published since September 2019, based on the value of the portfolio of shares of companies recognized as socially responsible. The base value of the index was determined as at 28 December 2018 and amounted to 10,000.00 points. WIG-ESG is an income index, which means that both the prices of transactions concluded therein and the income from dividends are taken into account in its calculation. The share of a single company in the index is limited to 10%, whereas the aggregate share of companies the share of which exceeds 5% is limited to 40%.
Bloomberg Gender Equality-Index 73/100 79/100 79.9/100 The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index may include large listed companies actively seeking gender equality in the work environment. Globally in 2022, 418 companies from 45 countries and representing 11 sectors of the economy were included in the index. Index participants were selected from stock exchange companies with a capitalization of more than USD 1 billion. In order to be entered in the index, a sufficiently high result should be obtained in a survey based on five areas: women’s leadership and talent development, equal pay and wage parity, inclusive work culture, sexual harassment policy, and a pro-women brand. In the Bloomberg GEI rating, issues of respect for diversity and gender equality are analyzed in terms of employment conditions, educational activities, employee benefits and perks, professional development opportunities, promotion paths and salaries, among others.
Sustainalitycs 26.9 medium risk 29.1 medium risk 26.5 medium risk The ESG risk assessments issued by Sustainalytics focus on the financially significant risks of ESG and cover more than 20,000 companies from 172 countries. The Agency’s methodology includes an analysis of the exposure of undertakings to significant risks related to ESG issues and an assessment of how companies manage those risks. Risk factors are determined on the basis of the industry and are determined on the basis of an analysis of 20 factors specific to each industry.
Vigeo Eiris 32/100 47/100 47/100 The Vigeo Eiris score presents the extent to which companies integrate environmental, social and management factors into their strategies and operations. Entities from 40 different industries from around the world participate in the index. During the ESG assessment, 38 issues are verified.
Ranking of Responsible Businesses Position 9. (410/500 points) out of 74 companies in the general classification Position 11. (84/100 points) *out of 70 companies in the general classification Position 13. (74/100 points) out of 62 companies in the general classification Collection of companies operating in Poland evaluated for the quality of their corporate social responsibility management system. The ranking makes it possible to make a reliable assessment of one’s advancement in addressing the challenges of sustainable development. The basis for the compilation of the Ranking of Responsible Companies is a questionnaire that companies fill out in accordance with due diligence and professional ethics.
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) D- D Carbon Disclosure Project is a non-profit organization that operates a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impact. Companies can disclose information through CDP’s corporate questionnaires on climate change, water management and strategies to prevent deforestation.



* the ranking organizer has made changes to the scoring methodology.

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