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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022

Bank in 2022

Awards and distinctions

The activities of Bank Pekao S.A. gained wide recognition by clients, industry specialists, the market and the media, as evidenced by numerous awards and distinctions granted by Polish and foreign institutions. Measures aimed at providing customers with the highest quality products and services, innovation of the proposed solutions have been appreciated. Bank Pekao S.A. received a number of awards and distinctions in 2022.

The most relevant honors are presented below

Best Quality Employer

For the second time, we have been awarded the title of Best Quality Employer, for exemplary respect for labor law, care for safety and working conditions, and implementation of innovative solutions in the area of HR.


The title of the friendly employer Friendly Workplace 2022

For the third time, we received the Friendly Workplace 2022 award. The aim of the competition is to promote employers who introduce the highest standards in the area of organizational culture and focus on building good relations between employees. This year, we were also awarded the Special Award for active actions for a friendly and engaging work environment, respect for the idea of work-life balance, and a comprehensive approach to protecting the health and well-being of our employees.

Top Employer 2022 Poland

For the twelfth time, we have obtained the Top Employer certificate, distinguishing ourselves in terms of the implemented personnel strategy. In addition, for the first time we found ourselves among the ten best-rated employers in Poland, showing at the same time the huge progress that we managed to develop together.

Highest Quality HR 2022

We have obtained the Highest Quality HR 2022 certificate awarded by the Polish Association of Human Resources Management. The award is given to organizations that set trends in human resource management and promote high standards of human resource management in Poland.

Recognition in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

For the third time in a row, we have been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which distinguishes listed companies from around the world for respecting the principle of gender equality and actively supporting equal opportunities in the workplace. Our presence in the Bloomberg GEI index is the result of many years of internal policy in the field of gender equality and the implementation of the latest ESG Strategy.


The Best Investment Bank in Poland according to the Global Finance magazine

„The Best Investment Bank Award” is one of the most prestigious awards on the financial market. It is awarded on the basis of criteria such as: the number and size of transactions in the field of ECM, SCM and M&A, consulting and structuring possibilities, post-trade services (trading and valuation on the secondary market), product innovations and reputation on the market.

Best Sub-custodian Bank in Poland 2022 award

Once again, we received a distinction for the best Trust Bank. The ranking of the Global Finance magazine assesses, among others: the quality of relations with foreign institutional clients, the level of their service, knowledge of the market.

The Best provider of treasury, investment and currency exchange services in Poland

We have obtained the title of „Best Treasury and Cash Management Provider” and „Best Corporate FX Award” in Poland. The following were appreciated: innovation, effectiveness, competitive prices and minimization of risks while supporting the needs of corporations running global business.


The Best Bank in the field of trade finance in Poland

For the fourth time, we have received the „The Best Trade Finance Provider in Poland for 2022” award by the international Global Finance magazine. Among others, the following were appreciated: the value of the transaction portfolio, knowledge of local conditions, including adaptation to customer needs or innovations in the products and services offered.

The Best Bank supporting the real estate market

In the 12th edition of the CEE Investment Awards competition organized by We became the best bank in Central and Eastern Europe, financially supporting the real estate market. We were the only Polish bank among the nominees in this category to receive the award.

Market Leader in Poland 2022 and Best Services in Poland 2022

We have been awarded twice in the prestigious competition organized by the international Euromoney magazine in the „Best Trade Finance Survey 2021” and received the titles „Market Leader in Poland 2022” and „Best Services in Poland 2022”.


The Best Private Banking in Poland for 2023 according to the Global Finance magazine

In the World’s Best Private Banks Awards competition organized by Global Finance, we were distinguished for innovation, a wide investment offer, the quality of services provided, as well as for financial results.

Innovative Company 2022 according to Gazeta Finansowa

Omnibank CRM is the first comprehensive implementation of analytical CRM in the public cloud in Polish banking. Thanks to advanced analytics and the use of cloud solutions, it directs personalized offers and messages to the user of the PeoPay application and the Pekao24 transaction service, ensuring the highest level of customer data security.

Best Private Bank Poland 2022 award

In the International Banker 2022 Banking Awards competition organized by the Finance Publishing magazine, we were distinguished for modernity and innovation, as well as a customer service model based on the best European standards certified by the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA).

“Złoty Bankier 2022” for the best personal account

For the second year in a row, Konto Przekorzystny took first place in the personal account category in the Golden Banker ranking. According to experts, Konto Przekorzystne responds best to the needs of various customer groups, both those using only traditional services and innovative mobile solutions.

Customer’s Golden Laurel 2022 for the highest quality of electronic banking services

In the 18th edition of the Customer’s Laurel/Consumer’s Laurel plebiscite, electronic banking was awarded by consumers with the Golden Customer’s Laurel. Customers appreciated the highest quality of service on the Pekao24 website and the PeoPay application.

Banking Stars

In the Stars of Banking ranking organized by the editors of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, we took first place in the „growth” category. What was affected by the increase in the dynamics of assets, revenues, net profit and the pace of customer acquisition. In the „stability” category, we took the second position and the structure of the balance sheet, the level of unpaid receivables and capital ratios were assessed.


Pekao TFI the winner of the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” in the category of services in the 32nd edition of the competition

The “Teraz Polska” emblem was awarded to specialized investment programs of Pekao TFI that support regular saving: PRO Capital Accumulation Program, Junior Capital Accumulation Program, Moja Perspektywa, Super Basket, as well as IKE and IKZE. So far, Pekao TFI has handled over half a million contracts in investment programs.

Pekao TFI S.A. the winner of the golden emblem in the national Customer’s Laurel plebiscite in the category „Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych”

Pekao TFI ranked second in the prestigious ranking of investment fund companies

Pekao TFI was among the best investment fund companies on the market and took second place in the “Rzeczpospolita” ranking. The results of investment funds in individual groups were taken into account.

Pekao TFI bond funds in the TOP 10 debt funds on the market

Four Pekao TFI investment funds were among the 10 debt funds that earned the most this year: Pekao Obligacji Samorządowych, Pekao Conservative, Pekao Conservative Plus and Pekao Spokojna Inwestycja.

IKZE with Pekao TFI rated 5

In the ranking „Best IKZE with funds 2022 – Ranking IKZE 2022” prepared by, once again IKZE Pekao TFI was included. The ranking assessed IKZE in three categories: effectiveness, costs and offer. In IKZE Pekao TFI, efficiency and offer were appreciated.

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