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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022

About Bank

Sustainable development strategy

GRI[ ]
  • 2-22

Bank Pekao’s goals and ambitions related to the environment, social engagement and corporate governance are defined by the ESG Strategy “Responsible Bank supporting sustainable development.” The Strategy’s first pillar – “Environment” is about increasing funding for sustainable projects, supporting the energy transition and the transition to a low-carbon economy, and striving to achieve our own climate neutrality by 2030. The second one – “Commitment” – focuses on helping, equalizing opportunities and preventing social exclusion, including through charitable activities and employee volunteering. The third pillar – “Corporate Governance” – refers to an ethical approach to business that takes into account ESG issues, as well as to the development, diversity and equality of employees.

Bank’s efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Agenda

Bank Pekao actively supports the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The activities included in the ESG Strategy undertaken by the Bank are in line with most of the 17 Goals of the initiative.

Goal 1

  • Activities for the benefit of local communities within the framework of employee Volunteering aimed at helping the needy, equalizing opportunities, preventing exclusion and education, health promotion
  • Cooperation with non-governmental organizations, including the Polish Red Cross, Noble Parcel (Szlachetna Paczka), SOS Children Villages Association
Goal 3

  • Loans for medical studies
  • Bank Pekao S.A. Foundation activities.
  • Voluntary blood donation campaigns
  • Health promotion campaigns among Bank employees and externally, among others “MiLOVE running with Bison – helping by running”, “Take Health by the Horns”.
Goal 4

ESG Strategy – Pillar 2.

  • Bank Pekao S.A. Foundation activities.
  • Financial Education for Youth “BAKCYL – Bankers for Youth Financial Education.”
  • Financial education for the elderly “SeniorON”
  • Employee volunteering – educational campaigns
  • PeoPay Kids – education about finances for the youngest
Goal 5

ESG Strategy – Pillar 3.

  • Equality and diversity policy
  • Reduction of Gender Pay Gap
  • Maintaining equal number of men and women in managerial positions, succession plans
  • “Sugar-Free” program for women
Goal 7

ESG Strategy – Pillar 1.

  • Supporting the transformation of Poland’s energy and coal regions; offering green products, supporting the development of a low-carbon economy
  • Purchase of green energy to reduce carbon footprint (guarantees of origin)
Goal 8

The Bank’s Business Strategy: Pillar of Responsibility – Supporting Economic Development

  • Commercial and operational activities even more based on sustainability factors
  • Effective human resources management
  • Developing employees’ competencies, aspiring to be an employer of first choice
Goal 9

The Bank’s Business Strategy: Pillar of Responsibility – Supporting Economic Development

  • Support for the development of innovation of Polish companies
  • Digitization and digitalization
  • A wide range of corporate loans to support real economy entities, including industry and construction
Goal 10

ESG Strategy – Pillar 3.

  • Employee volunteer work program
  • charity policy, Bank Pekao S.A. Foundation activities
  • Pekao without Barriers program
  • Activities in the area of respect for human rights, high standards of ethics and corporate governance
Goal 11

The Bank’s Business Strategy: Pillar of Responsibility – Supporting Economic Development

  • Comprehensive services for the public finance sector
  • Financing of public sector and municipal projects
  • Public-Private Partnership Activities
  • Supporting the issuance of customer social bonds
Goal 12

ESG Strategy – Pillar 1.

  • Reduction of the consumption of raw and other materials
  • Modernization of vehicle fleet, energy conservation, reduction of paper consumption,
  • Calculating own emissions and aiming for reductions of CO2
Goal 13

ESG Strategy – Pillar 1.

  • Supporting the development of a low-carbon economy
  • Financing of sustainable projects
  • Supporting the issuance of customer ESG bonds
  • Systematic reduction of balance sheet exposure to high-carbon activities
  • Calculation of financed emissions and reduction targets
Goal 15

ESG Strategy – Pillar 2.

  • Environmental education of employees
  • Bee and bison conservation programs
  • Employee volunteer work program
  • “Ekologia na BANK” (Ecology at the Bank) program
Goal 16

  • Support for citizens and companies from Ukraine – special solutions for individual and corporate customers, including free account maintenance, free transfers to and from Ukrainian banks
  • Policy not to fund controversial weapons
Goal 17

  • Membership in the United Nations Global Compact
  • Membership in the “Climate Positive” United Nations Global Compact Poland program
  • Cooperation with the UNEP/GRID Center – Warsaw, Poland
  • Membership in the Polish Bank Association – active participation in the creation of good market practices for sustainable development in the banking sector

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