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Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Polityka Prywatności

Report 2022

Climate and environment

Reduction of the consumption of raw materials and resources

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In its day-to-day operations, Bank Pekao is guided by a desire to reduce its negative impact on the climate and a pro-environmental attitude. This is served by technical solutions that are being introduced successively in the network of establishments and HQ facilities. In 2022, the Bank entered into a one-year contract for the purchase of 35 GWh of electricity with the simultaneous purchase of guarantees of origin (100% of the volume of green energy). The Bank thus achieved a carbon reduction effect of 26,000 t CO2e in Scope 2 (purchased energy) according to the methodology of the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol (hereinafter: GHG Protocol) standard. This means that in 2022, a 34% reduction in own CO2 emissions was achieved relative to the previous 12 months. In addition, also for 2023, a contract for the purchase of guarantees of origin has been concluded, according to the period in which the energy was generated, in the amount of: 16.5 GWh.

In 2022, implementation of green solutions continued with special attention to those reducing electricity consumption and reducing negative environmental impacts. These included, inter alia:

  • implementation of LED technologies;
  • optimization of power consumption (reduction of so-called ordered capacity),
  • replacement of technologically obsolete UPS devices (auxiliary power supplies) with new ones with higher maximum efficiency,
  • liquidation of unnecessary backup power supplies,
  • installation of air-conditioning systems with increasingly better indicators, with particular emphasis on solutions in the highest energy efficiency classes,
  • replacement of air-conditioning equipment using environmentally harmful refrigerants with equipment based on the blending of organic gases,
  • analyses aimed at installing reactive power compensation devices* (and consequently eliminating unnecessary energy expenditure),
  • switching electrical devices at night to “standby mode”;

* Effective elimination of uncompensated reactive power of electricity consumers allows financial savings (from the reduction of charges for excessive reactive power consumption), and also contributes to the rational operation of electrical equipment.

The comprehensive modernization of the properties owned by the Bank used modern solutions, e.g. energy-saving LED lighting systems or sanitary faucets with aerators, which reduce water consumption.

Car fleet

The Bank’s fleet is successively replaced with models characterized by lower emissions. In 2022, the Bank replaced part of its fleet with new cars that meet the Euro 6DG emissions standard (as of December 31, 2022, 87% of the cars out of 1,271 total in service had been replaced), and purchased its first electric and hybrid cars. In addition to the introduction of 1,020 new low-emission cars with convenient consumption configurations, the Bank also purchased 4 new electric cars and 50 electric cars. This is the result of ongoing conceptual work on the possibility of replacing conventionally powered (internal combustion) cars with electric cars.

new low-emission cars
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2021 2022 2021 2022 2021 2022
Electricity purchased for consumption purposes 54.80 55.23 53.50 54.18 1.40 1.05
Electricity purchased while working remotely 1.20 0.84 0.80 0.59 0.40 0.25
Thermal energy generated by the organization (natural gas) 13.80 12.14 13.80 12.11 0.04 0.04
Thermal energy purchased for consumption purposes 78.90 60.21 77.80 59.95 1.10 0.26
Total energy consumption within the organization 148.70 128.42 145.90 126.82 2.90 1.60

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